Gifts for the homebrewer

Pro brewers/Connoisseurs

Those interested in learning as much as possible about craft beer and maybe breaking into the hobby.

You don’t want to buy gifts that commit a person to the hobby if they have never tried it. Keep it light and informational at this stage.

  • Brew Shop gift card
  • Homebrewing magazine
  • How to brew books
  • How to brew course on or offline
  • Homebrew Tshirts/hats
  • Ciccerone information or class


Those who have sat in on a brew session or have stated they are committed to trying the hobby. This is where ingredients, tools and equipment become a valuable investment.
  • Brew Shop gift card
  • Extract beer kitTalk with them and find out what tools or supplies they need and don’t have. Below is a list of starter equipment that  is useful to the beginner
  • Hydrometer
  • Floating thermometer
  • Digital pen thermometer
  • Bubblers, bungs and grommets – might be a good pack to put together to sell on eBay
  • Fermentation buckets or carboys
  • Mash Paddle or large spoon
  • Autosiphon and plastic tubing
  • small digital or manual food scale
  • Bottles and bottle capper
  • Copper wort chiller
  • Bottle and carboy brushes
  1. Intermediate

  2. The budding brewer – someone with at least five to ten brew days under their belt.
  3. Talk with them and find out what tools or supplies they need and don’t have. Below is a list of equipment that  is useful to the Brewer with at least a few years experience
  • Brew Shop gift card
  • Gift card for local brewery tour or meet the brewers night at a local craft brewery
  • Custom glassware
  • Malt ingredients
  • Hops
  • Mash/lauter tun
  • Brew kettle
  • propane burner
  • Sparge arm
  • Silicone tubing varying sizes
  • Grain mill
  • Grain storage bins


The Guru – The person everyone you know goes to when they say they want to get into homebrewing

Talk with them and find out what tools or supplies they  don’t have but want to get. These are non essential items for the most part but once a person is at this level it’s all about perfecting their game. Be advised gifts in this arena are going to range from just under a hundred to hundreds of thousands depending on imagination and budget!

  • Private meet and greet tours at favorite local brewer.
  • For the want to be pro tuition to a brewing school.
  • Quality pumps and hoses
  • Electric control panels
  • Electric/propane burner or elements
  • Conical Fermenters with temperature control
  • Beer fridge
  • Fermentation fridge
  • Tilt Bluetooth Hydrometer
  • Beersmith brewing software
  • High end brew kettles and mash tuns from SS Brewtech, Spike Brewing or Blichman engineering
  • Kegging equipment
  • Complete 10 or 20 gallon brewing systems

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